Innovations of Building Materials

Innovations of Buildings Materials

SIPS – Structural Insulated Panel Systems:     A composite building material made of a piece of foam placed between two sheets of structural board.

Positive:  Buildings with SIPS is quicker than traditional framing and requires less labor.  The life cycle cost can also be as much as 40% lower than conventional framing.

Negative: SIPS are generally more expensive to build with than other commonly used materials.

Masonry Construction:     Individual units laid down and held together by mortar.  One example could be a brick wall.

Positive:  Using masonry construction to build walls on a building can increase the thermal heat inside.  Masonry building is also non-combustible.

Negative:  Extreme weather like frost damage can crack certain types of brick and stone.

ICF – Insulating Concrete Form:     Permanent interior formwork.  Interlocked by drystacking, meaning no concrete or mortar.  Comparable to Lego.

Positive:  10x stronger than wooden framework.  Building with ICF can also decrease your carbon footprint by using recycled materials.

Negative:  Building with ICF may take a little longer compared to traditional materials, but less workers are needed to complete the job.

Shotcrete Systems:     Concrete applied by being projected out a hose at high speeds.

Positive:  Can be applied on any surface, even overhead areas.  Is very durable and can last quite a long length of time without cracking.

Negative:  Using this much concrete can become extremely expensive.

Steel Framing:     Building a structure completely out of steel beams, creating somewhat of a skeleton for the siding of a building to be applied to.

Positive:  This style of building has made it possible for skyscrapers to be made.  Steel framing buildings are some of the most strong forms of building you can use, as they are almost indestructible.

Negative:  Steel framing is prone to lightning and (mainly in houses) can rust.

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