The Power of Diagrams to Shape Ideas and Reality

  • The word diagram, meaning “marked out by lines” in Greek, is associated with a schematic representation of an idea.
  • This could include a chart, graph, map, etc.

  • A diagram takes a complex idea or vision and breaks it down into a simple or easier to understand drawing.
  • Diagrams allow one to experiment with an idea.

The Rural Grid

  • Dutch Captain and Cartographer Samuel Holland arrived on the Island in 1764 and was assigned the task of dividing the land.
  • He divided Prince Edward Island into 67 lots of near equal size, so be auctioned off to land proprietors
  • Most lots are touching water, those that are not were not worth as much when auctioned off.
  • Samuel Holland was years ahead of other cartographers given the tools and technology he had to use while dividing.
  • Holland chose 3 “city centres”, near Malpeque, Charlottetown, and Georgetown.
  • The rural lots were only owned by high class absentee landlords from England, while Islanders would work for them to pay rent.


The Street Grid

  • In 1768, under Samuel Holland’s suggestion, Charles Morris of Nova Scotia began planning the city of Charlottetown.
  • Three years prior, Samuel Holland had suggested that Charlottetown be a prime spot to hold the province’s capital.
  • It would consist of 500 lots, and 4 green parks.
  • There was a 565-acre buffer zone places before the water for future expansion of the city.
  • In 1994, the six communities (Hillsborough Park, East & West Royalties, Sherwood, Parkdale, and Winsloe) were amalgamated together.
  • Well over 200 years later, all 500 original plots of land and all 4 green parks are still existent in the city of Charlottetown today.


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